• Colin687

    Okay! Here we go! 

    So, in order to make this wiki happen, there is a loooooooooooooooooooooooooottt of preperation to do. There is basically little to no information about this school, so there's a lot of oppurtunity to make things up (which can be pretty fun, so yay and nay).

    Like I said, a LOT of preperation. This is because there are a LOT of questions about the school. Where is the school? Is the school a castle? Are there houses like there are in Hogwarts? What education differences are there between Hogwarts and the Institute? Is there a student dress code? We've got a LOT of questions to answer. Those are only a few.... So basically, I'd like us to try and answer each and every ... single ... one. (dun dun dun).

    First off, I just want to…

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  • Colin687

    High School RP Wiki

    December 18, 2014 by Colin687

    So, I've decided I do want to make a High School themed RP wiki, but most of the details I have not put into stone yet. I decided to go off of SoA's birlliant idea of planning everything out before making the wiki, and made this blog, thanks to advice from Liss :).

    Anyhoo, I want the High School RP wiki to be basically like life would be like in a normal high school, but really show all the aspects that go into a students life. I think it'd be brilliant to get to use RP tools such as Facebooks for the chars (but would be renamed something else, like Split Feed, etc.) and characters could have phones and text one another.

    All sorts of communities could come into play with this wiki. Your char could be a castaway, nerd, geek, freak, druggy, sl…

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  • Colin687

    Eastbrook High School Wiki

    December 17, 2014 by Colin687

    I've been considering making a new wiki for a long time now: One that's just a reminiscent on another life. It'd be like real life. Just more dramatic, really. Students in high school with relationship problems, parent problems, anything you want. The rules on RP content will be that there are none. It's not like I want a graphic novel sex book or anything on the wiki, but I don't want my chars to be regulated on what they could say, do, have, inflict, whatever.

    I'm not sure if anyone else would be interested in a wiki like this, so that's why I made this blog. Your char could be a deliquent who doesn't give a damn about anything, or it could be a wigged out girl who's always worried about homework and grades. It's all up to you.

    Comment for…

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