I got this idea after reading a little more in depth of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. One of the parts that stood out to me in the "Beast or Being?" part of the book. I thought it was most definitley an interesting topic, and I thought it could be an interesting topic to RP. I don't think it'd be too complicated either!

Here it goes:

Beast Division BrutalityEdit

  1. The Centaur Liason
    • There will be an event where the Beast Division has to go and speak with the centaur. Why? I haven't gotten that into it quite yet. When the team for the Centaur Liason go to the home of the Centaurs in the Forbidden Forest (could be somewhere else, but this could lead to more interesting story), the centaurs do not wish to be told what to do by the wizards, so they yell back. This provokes the Beast Division employee's to raise their wands, and prepare to fight. After this, all goes wrong.
    • The centaurs and wizards engage in a fight, and the beast division is using killing curses to put down these centaurs! This was wrong of them, but it happens. Seven centaurs are murdered, one wizard is left dead, but not by the hand of a centaur, by a ricochetting curse.
  2. Rallying the Troops Pt. 1
    • Centaurs, now in a heated rage, prepare to fight the ministry. Before the centaurs can arrange an attack, the Minister of Magic comes, after learning what has happened. He tells them that the wizards are being dealt with, and tries to win them over. The centaurs are still to angered. They agree amongst themselves not to strike the ministry, but to let the law figure it out. 
  3. Goblins hear the news
    • Goblins, always eager to go against the ministry when it comes to creature rights, learn about what has happened. The goblins work together to find every sort of humanoid they can find. Trolls, giants, merpeople, centaurs, ghosts, ghouls, anything with two legs, shows up at the ministry, and make havoc. 
    • This would be the first attack, but not intended to be a violent one.
    • Goblins remain unviolent.
  4. Go from there
    • That's all I've got. I like this idea, but definitley needs much more thought out.
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